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  • Easy access to financial information through dashboards
    Analyze institution and branch level performance
    Instant communication abilities across the institution
    Access to detailed information in one system
    Control access to information on a role-by-role basis
  • Dashboard to view real-time information for specific branch
    Manage staff, teachers, classes and curriculum
    Monitor staff/student attendance and performance
    Effectively communicate with parents and with staff
    Manage school timetable, events and other schedules
  • Monitor student attendance and performance
    Document course objectives and lesson plans
    Communicate ward issues/progress with parents
    Manage exams, tests, quizzes, grades and course work
    Organize and track day schedule
  • Enhanced communication with school / teachers
    View your child's weekly class schedule
    Track your child's progress
    Monitor lesson plans
    View tuition & fees schedules and past payments

We have implemented and are using most of the functionalities provided by EdSaaS. The sofware is very user-friendly and their after sales support is excellent. Dashboards provide us information which was difficult to get earlier.

EdSaaS has helped us organize our operations in a systematic way. In just 2 months we were able to notice significant improvements in productivity. I am glad we selected them.