• Parents are able to establish and maintain communication with teachers, principal and management whether it is about their child’s attendance, homework, discipline, test performance or extra-curricular activities.
  • EdSaaS gives parents a window into their child’s week in school making it easier to prepare and plan for the week.
  • With easy and quick access to your child’s classroom schedule, performance reports and the school from anywhere at anytime, parents are able to monitor their child’s progress in school in a few minutes at their convenience.
  • Access to the teachers’ lesson plans enables parents to proactively participate in the child’s education, whether in terms of preparing the child ahead of time, suggesting changes to the teacher / school or providing additional resources/ help for the class.
  • EdSaas allows parents to view fee payment history. Parents save the aggravation, time and money associated with late payments, missed payments etc. with timely reminders.